About Us

At Grocer4U, we share a common goal with our customers:

    Save time and money with grocery shopping!

We aim to remove the necessity to sift through your local paper, online ads, coupon sites, and multiple retailer sites to find the coupons and sales you need.

We bring the coupons and sales to you!
The site is absolutely FREE!

Whether you are a daily, weekly, or monthly shopper, our site will not only save you time and money, but allow you to keep an organized list of products that you can reuse.

Grocer4U.com will:

    - Provide you with sale and coupon information for manufacturers and local retailers.

    - Show you comparable products to save you even more money.

    - Allow you to print your coupons and either print or email your grocery list.

    - Show you your total savings by store, per shopping trip, and keep a running total so you can see how fast the savings add up.

And if you like to shop at only certain stores or buy only certain items, Grocer4U provides that flexibility.

In addition, by using our site, Grocer4U is donating part of its profits back to the community. Our slogan of "Giving by Saving" means just that: the more you save, the more we provide back to the community. It's a WIN for everyone involved!

So, start saving time and money and making your grocery shopping experience a little easier.

Questions or comments? See the Help/FAQ or Contact Us pages.

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